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Training Project Officer

Application Open Date: 
29/04/2020 - 02:01
Deadline Date: 
15/06/2020 - 14:00
Warsaw, Poland
Type of Contract: 
Seconded national expert (SNE)
JOB Description: 
Under the supervision of and reporting to the Head of the Training Support Sector within Training Unit (TRU), the Training Project Officer:  - Develops and provides digital learning solutions, services, products for Frontex training, promoting the integration of educational technology across TRU courses;  - Collects the digital learning needs and advises on the implementation of tailored digital learning solutions;  - Designs and delivers training workshops, courses and provides support on effective use of digital learning;  - Plans, manages and carries out training activities and projects, including organisation of meetings, conferences, training events and development activities;  - Develops terms of reference for acquiring necessary expertise and technical services and ensures sound and effective contract management in line with the applicable financial regulations;  - Ensures a sound and effective budget implementation within the scope of the role;  - Contributes to the improvement of training management and support processes and systems, including the continuous improvement of training administration, monitoring and reporting functions using educational technology and business intelligence solutions;  - Liaises with ICT unit to ensure the provision of the necessary technological support and upgrades, focusing on process improvement and effectiveness of training management systems through further developments and customisation addressing TRU business needs;  - Develops and maintains collaborative professional networks, engaging with EU Member States experts, other relevant education and training professionals, representatives of national organisations with border and coast guard responsibilities across the EU, relevant international organisations and Frontex business units, and other relevant stakeholders;  - Represents the Agency in external events, visits, meetings and other relevant EU and international fora according to the mandate.
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