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System Engineer

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24/09/2020 - 16:00
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22/10/2020 - 11:59
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Temporary staff
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TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES The System Engineer will be involved in the system and infrastructure engineering and development activities related to the exploitation of the Galileo System deployed in various sites (e.g. Galileo Control Centres, Galileo Security Monitoring Centres, Service facilities) and managed by the Agency. He/she will also contribute to the management of the industrial contracts supporting the GSA activities (e.g. Galileo WP1X). The System Engineer tasks and responsibilities will in principle include: • Contribute to the technical management of the system and segment infrastructure activities; • Support the follow up of the system definition, design, qualification and acceptance activities for the different GSA service provider infrastructure evolutions (for Galileo First and Second Generation); • Specify, design and follow up the evolutions of the Ground infrastructure, to be implemented by industrial contracts; • Participate in the system engineering processes for managing requirements through the lifecycle of the system and ground segments; • Support the technical analysis of the architecture and specifications for system and ground segment upgrades to ensure coherence and compatibility with the system in exploitation and identify impacts on baseline technical documentation; • Support the definition of an overall System Integration and Verification (I&V) Programme, ensuring consistency between system and segments verification but also between verification and validation activities; • Establish a System upgrades deployment/migration plan consistent with service continuity needs; • Monitor the qualification status, following up anomaly resolution through the implementation of Work Arounds, fast fixes, midterm-long term correction; • Maintain the qualification status, assessing any changes with respect to impact on system qualification; • Verify that the system upgrades are under configuration control prior to handover to operations team; • Follow up the development of the Galileo Second Generation from the system and infrastructure point of view; • Represent the GSA in the relevant boards as necessary (including but not limited to Change Control Boards, Anomaly Review Boards, Qualification Review Board, Acceptance Review Board).
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