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Service Desk Assistant

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06/05/2022 - 00:01
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04/06/2022 - 23:59
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Contract staff
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NATURE OF THE TASKS a) Assisting the immediate superior: assisting the Head of the Service Desk Section in the daily management of the service; updating administrative and technical documents and contributing to a good working environment and climate of trust in order to support ongoing improvement in service quality. b) Management and monitoring activities: • Assisting users: o Monitoring user incidents involving the equipment and software used at the Centre (firstlevel support for all fields; second-level support for the client operating system and standard office application software) in order to provide high-quality support for users; distinguishing between minor, one-off problems and major problems requiring information to be forwarded to other stakeholders (System Service Desk staff, or staff from other sections) in order to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive and efficient IT environment. o Fulfilling the service requests entered in the Service Desk log: setting up and moving client equipment (workstations and peripherals); using automated installation and software maintenance solutions; providing technical assistance for video conference meetings, including online selection procedures organised by the Human Resources Section and online Management Board meetings; preparing teleworking equipment, etc., to contribute to the effective management of the Centre’s IT client environment. • Monitoring hardware failures: monitoring hardware failures occurring in the various items of client equipment in order to ensure users have access to fully functional hardware. • Documentation and training: preparing technical documentation, drafting user manuals and providing training on the Translation Centre’s IT environment, principally for new users. c) Other support activities: receiving and checking deliveries of equipment, applying existing procedures and contributing to the development of such procedures, ensuring lateral communication between the different sections as part of the support service, liaising with clients, suppliers and external partners.
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