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Senior Electromechanical and HVAC Engineer

Application Open Date: 
30/07/2020 - 02:01
Deadline Date: 
11/09/2020 - 01:59
Type of Contract: 
Temporary staff
JOB Description: 
Are you a passionate of building services construction projects in the fields of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning and Electro-Mechanical? Would you be excited to work on a multi-billion euro development project? Do you want a challenge? The Site, Buildings and Power Supplies Unit (SBPS) unit will play a key role in the sourcing of F4E’s contribution to the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the world. Analytical, Communicative, organised and resourcefulness are key traits of the successful candidate. Several hundred suppliers are currently under contract, designing and manufacturing complex first-of-a-kind components, with an annual expenditure of the order of €7-800M per year. E.g. The maintenance of a consistently high quality standard throughout the supply chain is of the greatest importance to F4E both from a nuclear safety regulatory perspective and more generally, to ensure that there is a high confidence that the delivered systems will perform as required. As a member of the SBPS Unit in the ITER Programme Department, the Senior Electromechanical & HVAC Engineer will report to the Programme Manager of the SBPS Unit and/or his Deputy. He/she will be responsible for the implementation, follow-up, and supervision of Design and/or Construction of the ITER buildings, in his scope of responsibility, in accordance with the applicable requirements set-up by the ITER Organization and the construction and coordination rules implemented by Fusion for Energy jointly with its Architect Engineer and Health and Safety Protection Coordinator The successful candidate will, among other tasks: Manage the activities related to design and construction of nuclear HVAC, piping and electro-mechanical equipment for the project, across all procurement packages; Manage design, nuclear qualification and construction coordination. Control issues proactively, in particular by making the daily liaison between the design and the construction teams, in order to ensure swift implementation of the construction changes without impacting schedule; Provide his/her expertise on the progress of works by tracking activities against the plan, providing regular and accurate reports on quality and potential improvements; Manage the preparation of the technical specifications for the procurement of components for the ITER project in the area of his/her responsibility and conduct negotiations with the ITER organization when needed to optimize technical specifications; Manage technical evaluations of tenders and lead negotiations with potential suppliers in view of concluding contracts to implement Design and/or Construction activities; Work with the commercial management officers / the commercial manager and the legal officers, for anticipating, preparing and gathering data in order to draft technical elements to manage contractor’s claims cost assessments in the best interest of F4E; Provide input for the development of budget, cost estimate and schedules in his area of responsibilities; Define the quality assurance and control requirements for design, nuclear qualification and construction that have to be met in accordance with the arrangements established with the ITER Organization, and in line with the requirements (INB order) from the French Nuclear Safety Authority; Summarize complex technical topics for reporting purpose and propose and/or implement solutions for technical problems; Ensure proper implementation, in close relation with the ITER Organization, the F4E Architect Engineer, and the Health and Safety Protection Coordinator, of the works supervision rules, ensuring the definition of the appropriate level of control depending on the nuclear and quality class of the works; Manage external resources from the F4E Support Contracts (Architect Engineer, Support to the Owner) in order to achieve the objectives described above.
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