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Seconded National Expert

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29/10/2019 - 01:01
Deadline Date: 
31/12/2024 - 00:59
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Seconded national expert (SNE)
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2. JOB PROFILE AND DUTIES 2.1 JOB PROFILE The SNEs will work in the Operations and Communication Unit of the FCH 2 JU. They will report to the Head of Unit or the person appointed by the Head of Unit. They will reinforce the capabilities of the FCH 2 JU to both manage a large portfolio of projects but also to report on the activities/results within these projects and beyond, contributing through the dissemination/communication activities to the different EU policies. 2.2 DUTIES Depending on the SNE profile and experience, his/her responsibilities may include in particular the following: - Provide professional support related to his/her expertise to the implementation of the strategic plan (Multi-Annual Work Plan) and objectives of FCH 2 JU priorities as set out in Annual Work Plans (AWPs); this includes planning, management and monitoring of calls for proposals, evaluations, projects implementation and monitoring, fulfilment by the beneficiaries of their contractual obligations, including administrative and financial aspects; - Performing tasks related to grants and procurements in their area of expertise; - Contribute to the review and evaluation activities relating to the projects in his/her responsibility and prepare input to the Annual Activity Reports, including Key Performance Indicators data; - Providing support to monitoring and benchmarking activities (data collection, reports writing etc) in collaboration with the Knowledge Manager; - Ensure timely and adequate dissemination of results of projects of which he/she is responsible and work together with the Knowledge Management Officer and with the Communication Officer where necessary to provide input on technical content; - Contributing to the implementation of communication activities in synergy with all stakeholders (in particular European Commission, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research) but also communication plans of projects and other activities supported; - Supporting the organisation of various FCH 2 JU events (i.e. meetings, workshops, annual Programme Review Days and Stakeholder Forum etc) and undertaking the necessary roles for the successful implementation of these events; - Contributing to FCH 2 JU’s activities in traditional (printed) and social media (FCH 2 JU website, Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, ...); monitoring, analysing and reporting on the impact on the traditional and social media; - Contributing to news items, articles and content for traditional and social media; ensuring that the content remains attractive and up-to-date; - Supporting and maintaining procedures ensuring that communications activities, products and outputs are produced in accordance with the rules and procedures of the FCH 2 JU; - Ensuring good communication with external stakeholders by ensuring a positive image of the FCH 2 JU office; - Interacting with the FCH 2 JU members and stakeholders in a positive and proactive way by fostering a strong sense of team spirit; - Assist the Head of Unit by providing advice/opinions and inputs to various reports and deliverables, including drafting replies to different requests for policy input; The SNEs in the Operations and Communication Unit may undertake additional tasks as required in the interest of the service and appropriate to their expertise.
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