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Product Management Support Officer

Application Open Date: 
03/10/2019 - 02:01
Deadline Date: 
11/11/2019 - 11:00
Helsinki, Finland
Type of Contract: 
Temporary staff
JOB Description: 
The Product Management Support Officer (PMSO) will work in the Directorate of Submissions and Interaction or in the Directorate of Prioritisation and Integration of the Agency on the further development of IT applications from the business perspective. The need for additional staff is triggered by new activities that the Agency has started, e.g. the new SCIP database under the Waste Framework Directive or the extension of the use of IUCLID in other areas and jurisdictions. In this context, the PMSO will support this development as member of a multi-disciplinary and cross-organisation team. The work relates to the further development of tools such as IUCLID, the Validation Assistant and other tools related to submission and data management. The PMSO will be responsible for supporting technical (IT) solutions from a business perspective. He/she will participate in the definition, development and implementation phase, the roll-out, as well as in the maintenance of the solutions/products. He/she will have a strong role in the interaction with (potential) users of the systems. A good understanding of, or ability to quickly learn, the technical, operational and legal requirements related to the management of chemicals is therefore essential to the job. All the activities and tasks will be done in cooperation with other relevant Agency Directorates and Units, mainly but nor exclusively with the Directorate of Information Systems. The tasks include the following: Support the development of the product • Supporting the collection and definition of specifications for the product based on business requirements. Many of these business requirements tend to be within a technical, operational or legal setting or context; • Testing and validating the interim versions against business requirements and specifications of the systems during the development phase; • Being part of the internal preparation in the Agency for the provision of this solution including an internal structure for identification of potential users and services needed; • Acting as a focal point in the Agency of the business knowledge for the solution. Support the roll-out and use of the product • Creation of a product identity; • Contribute to user support: - Preparation of support material for users including manuals, help text, training material, etc.; - Contribute to trainings, tutorials, etc.; - Respond to queries from customers arriving to the Agency’s Helpdesk. • Contribute to marketing and promotion: - Preparation of promotion material. Depending on the strength of the person and the need of the agency, there can be more emphasis on a specific sub-set of these tasks, e.g. for some part very detailed analytical work on the legal and technical requirements implementation are needed. Perform other duties as required.
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