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Information Technology Officer Various Positions

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30/01/2023 - 01:01
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03/03/2023 - 11:59
Strasbourg, France / Tallinn, Estonia
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Contract staff
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2. DUTIES eu-LISA aims to establish a talent pool from which to source the best talent to fill various roles in core functions throughout the Agency. Your role will entail a variety of duties where you will report to the Head of Unit under the supervision of the corresponding Head of Sector. You will be able to apply to one or several of the role profiles listed below. Role profile A: IT Service Support Generally, you will act as a first point of contact and will be accountable for the timely reception and handling of incidents and queries. You will record, analyse and attempt to resolve incidents as well as service requests or you will escalate them to a higher-level support. You will be responsible for providing First or Second Level Support, monitoring and overseeing any incidents in the database and actively contribute to updating manuals and documentation. This position will require shift work to operate in a real-time 24/7/365 environment. Role profile B: Test Manager On one hand, your main goal will be to ensure that deployed releases and its resulting services meet customer expectations. On the other hand, you will be responsible for ensuring that the IT operations is able to support the new services, user needs and specifications. For existing systems, applications, innovations and changes, you will diagnose failure of products or services to meet specification. In short, you will design and perform testing plans. Role profile C: Release Manager You will be responsible for planning and controlling the movement of releases to test and live environments while ensuring that the integrity of the live environment is protected and that the correct components are released. You will be also in charge of the handover of operational documentation. Moreover, it is expected that you will act as a proactive contributor in the test procedure led by the Test Manager. Role profile D: Network Specialist role (ICT Network Specialist) You will ensure the alignment of the network, including telecommunication and/or computer infrastructure to meet the organisation’s communication needs. Your mission will be to manage and operate a networked information system, solving problems and faults to ensure defined service levels. Moreover, you will monitor and improve network performance and security. Generally, from the network perspective, your responsibilities will focus in three areas: solution documentation, solution in operation and solution specification. Role profile E: Systems Administrator You will administer system components to meet service requirements. This means you will install software, configure and upgrade systems. You will administer day-to-day operations to satisfy continuity of service, recovery, security and performance needs. Role profile: F: Data Centre Administrator You will develop and maintain a data centre that can achieve its business goals by establishing and managing an effective and efficient design plan. For this, you will provide comprehensive planning and design services tailored to the organisational criteria. Moreover, you will create reliable and sustainable solutions in the design and management of the data centre. Therefore, on one hand, you will be accountable for the data centre design, capacity and scalability. On the other hand, you will be assigned with the data centre specifications and contribute to different areas such as business strategy, product management, business cases and solution architecture.
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