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29/04/2021 - 19:01
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31/05/2021 - 12:00
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Temporary staff
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Are you a passionate ICT professional? Would you be excited to work on a multi-billion euro project? Do you want a challenge? Team player, committed and quality oriented are key traits of the successful candidate. Over 450 staff plus over 100 external consultants rely on the use of state of the art ICT capabilities to procure complex first-of-a-kind components, with an annual expenditure of the order of €7-800M per year. Constant evolution of F4E business architecture in order to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness is paramount for the successful contribution of the ICT Unit to the project. The ICT Business Analyst will be asked to focus on three strategic areas: 1. Business Outcome focus: Work closely with technical and non-technical F4E stakeholders to identify desired business outcomes and impacts, which are aligned with the corporate strategy. Drive collaborative design to discover the capabilities and features needed to deliver the business outcomes. Ensure there is always a shared understanding among key stakeholders and the delivery team. 2. Enterprise Architecture: contribute to the direction, guidance, definition, and facilitation of the business and technology architecture (current and target state) required to meet F4E business strategies and goals. He/she shall interface across multiple departments to maintain a solid understanding of the organizations business drivers and objectives. 3. Digital Transformation: refine the F4E vision for amazing digital experiences and bring it to life in our organization. He/she will balance driving the alignment and evolution of F4E’s enterprise architecture with maintaining exceptional delivery of ICT capabilities to support the organization's current and future needs. The successful candidate will report to the Head of ICT Unit and will: • Collaborate to create outcome-based solution strategies; • Work with the business stakeholders to help them conceptualise and refine their business strategy, analysis, and both the planning and designing of enterprise-level solutions; • Discover and understand how current solution strategy decisions are made / revisited / prioritised within F4E; • Accurately break down requirements from strategy to story (decomposition, completeness & correctness, clarity, impact mapping, story mapping, etc...); • Train, coach, and mentor the different cross-functional team members and senior non-technical stakeholders on solution discovery and design; • Work effectively with all members in a cross-functional team to ensure a shared common understanding of what is required and that all technical solutions are oriented toward achieving the desired business outcomes; • Contribute to the establishment of the overall enterprise architectural and associated viewpoints; • Work closely with the technical and non-technical F4E stakeholders to prioritize the solution backlog factoring in business impact, technical debt, F4E best practices and non-functional concerns; • Develop navigation and structure, design workflows, organise content, map user journeys and advocate for the desired outcomes of the business; • Support the analysis and implementation of defined features and capabilities along the entire solution development cycle; • Contribute to definition of transition steps and strategy from the as-is to the future application architecture; • Contribute to the design of solution integrations that interact and extend across organizational and functional lines.
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