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Human Resources Officer

Application Open Date: 
12/08/2019 - 11:00
Deadline Date: 
18/09/2019 - 11:00
Helsinki (Finland)
Type of Contract: 
Temporary staff
JOB Description: 
The Human Resources (HR) Officer will work in the Resources Directorate of the Agency in the Human Resources Unit. The Human Resources Unit is responsible for a range of strategic and operational human resource activities including: human resource planning and budgeting; development and implementation of HR policies; selection and recruitment; retention; staff administration and payroll management; training, learning and development and the occupational health and social welfare of staff. Reporting to the Head of Unit – Human Resources, the HR Officer will act as a Team Leader in one of the functional areas of the Unit. In this role, (s)he will have team supervisory responsibilities and will assist the Head of Unit – HR in one, or more, of the areas of competence in achieving the Unit objectives within the context of ECHA’s overall mission. Specifically, his/her responsibilities may include: Talent Management: • Develop policies, procedures and guidelines related to resourcing, selection and recruitment; • Manage the establishment plan of posts and draw up the selection plan for the Agency; • Manage the selection processes of ECHA for statutory (temporary and contract) staff, Seconded National Experts and trainees; • Participate in selection procedures as a member of various Selection Committees; • Advise the Recruitment Assistants and the Selection Committees on the conduction of selection procedures and provide guidance and advice on best practice and applicable rules; • Manage the recruitment process of the Agency (draft employment offers or contact, handle pre-employment medical examinations, etc.); • Develop, review and update the Agency’s HR policies, policy instruments and procedures, and ensure their implementation in the areas of career management, engagement and retention; • Coordinate the design and implementation of job profiling and competency frameworks; • Coordinate and support the implementation of the annual performance appraisal and promotions exercises; • Design and implement key development initiatives (e.g. competence mapping, coaching, etc.); • Advise and provide guidance in designing learning activities and drawing up individual learning and development plans; • Evaluate training activities and draw conclusions on the effectiveness and efficiency of chosen learning methods and approaches with a view to improving learning strategies and activities. HR Administration: • Ensure coordination of the entry-into-service processes; • Coordinate the establishment of staff individual rights and obligations, in accordance with the applicable regulations and policies; • Ensure timely payment of staff salaries and allowances, and sound financial management of the Agency’s HR-related budget; • Coordinate staff leave and absence management; • Revise, design and coordinate the implementation of social welfare measures for staff and their families, particularly in the areas of health care and education. Other tasks: • Plan and organise the work of the team in an efficient and effective manner, and ensure sound communication and collaboration practices in the team and Unit; • Supervise the team by allocating tasks and targets, managing performance, identifying potential for career development, identifying learning and development needs, providing appropriate learning activities and support and fostering career development; • Advise middle and senior management on matters related to his/her area of responsibility; • Ensure the continuous improvements of quality management documents for the processes under the responsibility of his/her team; • Manage the financial, budgetary and procurement matters under the responsibility of his/her team; • Ensure smooth communications and liaison with the Agency staff, and the Staff Committee, on HR matters; • Ensure the promotion of an effective and positive working environment for staff in the HR Unit.
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