Job Offer

Head of Security Unit

Application Open Date: 
15/07/2022 - 14:00
Deadline Date: 
15/08/2022 - 14:00
Type of Contract: 
Temporary staff
JOB Description: 
Reporting to the Director of Financial, Digital and Security Division (FDS), the Head of Security Unit (SECU) is responsible for:  Providing leadership and direction of the Unit, including the setting, implementation and delivery of strategic documents and policies  Assisting, advising and supporting the Director of FDS Division in developing and implementing the Frontex strategy in the respective areas of responsibility;  Driving Frontex’s Security Unit governance and the relevant portfolio in coordination with relevant stakeholders;  Within the competence of the Unit, assisting the Director of FDS Division in cooperating with national and international bodies, in addition to EU institutions;  Managing corporate Security Unit related risks and the corresponding response actions, for ensuring corporate decision-making;  Ensuring strong leadership for building external relationships, with a view to integrating the business requirements of Frontex’s customers, i.e. MSs, third parties, Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network;  Planning, directing and coordinating the use of the organisation’s resources in the delivery of the Unit’s activities, maximising effectiveness and increasing efficiency;  Contributing to the development of the Frontex strategy and Work Programme documents;  Performing planning, evaluation and performance management within the Unit and assume responsibility for the quality of the Unit’s products and services;  Implementing the Unit’s annual Work Plan adjusting the activity and capacity levels wherever deemed necessary and ensuring the overall coherence of the work;  Managing the human and financial resources of the Unit, coordinating the respective Sectors and/or Teams, leading, engaging and developing the competencies and skills of the Unit’s personnel and assessing individual performance;  Identifying the budget required for the Unit’s activities according to activity-based budgeting principles while ensuring the sound financial management of the Unit and the effective implementation of and reporting on its budget;  Facilitating cooperation and interactions with other Units;  Actively contributing to change management and the embodiment of the Frontex identity through its corporate values;  Representing the Unit and Frontex as appropriate in internal and external meetings and conferences.
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