Job Offer

Head of Security Unit

Application Open Date: 
05/08/2019 - 15:00
Deadline Date: 
09/09/2019 - 23:59
Tallinn, Estonia
Type of Contract: 
Temporary staff
JOB Description: 
Head of Security Unit will lead and manage a team consisting of approximately 20 staff members. The Head of Security Unit reports to the Executive Director and will be responsible for: • Contributing to drafting, implementation, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of eu-LISA Annual Work Programme (Programming Document); • Implementation of security measures related to the IT systems entrusted to the Agency and to the Agency as a whole; • Drafting relevant internal security documents such as security plans, policies and procedures, business continuity and disaster recovery plans etc. as well as being responsible for periodical review and monitoring on the implementation thereof; • Implementing and periodically conducting security risks assessments, security inspections and conducting relevant tests ensuring full compliance with standards, policies, procedures and guidelines of eu-LISA and ensuring alignment of the Unit work with them; • Developing and implementing the Agency’s Security and Continuity Management System, including the eu-LISA business continuity, disaster recovery and security management; • Managing the physical security, health and safety of eu-LISA personnel, sites, assets and buildings, in cooperation with other business areas like Operations, Facility Management and Human Resources; • Leading personnel assurance processes through initiating personal security clearance and vetting procedures; • Being responsible for evacuation plans and procedures, including establishment and maintenance of fire warden systems, including quality of fire drills, training on fire evacuation and safety procedures; • Defining the Unit`s and individual Unit members` objectives; • Being the main channel for the exchange of information between senior management and the Unit members; • Managing and supervising the work of the Unit and ensuring the efficient use of human and financial resources allocated to the Unit; • Liaising with EU Institutions, Agencies, Bodies, International Organisations and other external stakeholders on security matters, as requested; • Supporting and advising eu-LISA Executive Director, management and other Units on security issues in line with organisational needs; • Carrying out any other relevant duties requested by the Executive Director.
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