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Application Open Date: 
01/06/2022 - 02:01
Deadline Date: 
04/07/2022 - 23:59
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Temporary staff
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ESMA is organising a selection procedure for the post of Head of Department Resources to staff one vacant post and to constitute a reserve list of suitable candidates. The purpose of the position is to lead, direct and coordinate the department to ensure the achievement of the department objectives and to provide the organisation with robust and efficient internal functions, capability, processes and standards. The Resources Department is responsible for the Authority’s resources and support functions. The Department consists of four Units, the Corporate Services (CPS) Unit, the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Unit, the Human Resources (HR) Unit and the Finance & Procurement (FIP) Unit. Reporting to the Executive Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for the following tasks: Governance and Management • Assisting the ESMA Executive Director in the management of ESMA by providing sound advice on administrative matters; • Supporting the efficient management of ESMA by actively contributing to the Management Team and to the collective work to achieve the Authority’s strategic objectives. • Defining the Resources department work programme, coordinating work within the department and with other departments, and representing the department in management meetings, before senior management, and before the Management Board and the Board of Supervisors • Developing efficient guidelines, policies and actions to ensure effective delivery of the Resources Department in terms of HR, Finance and Procurement, Corporate Services and IT services on the basis of the mission statement, strategic plan and annual work programme of the Authority • Setting the objectives of the units within the Department, monitoring and assessing achievements to meet the objectives within the set deadlines and in accordance with to quality standards, coordinating the work of the units within the Department, and managing, motivating, and supporting middle management towards the attainment of objectives and the motivation and engagement of staff Finance, Budget & Internal Control • Drawing up the preliminary draft budget of the Authority and monitoring the budget implementation • Ensuring that budgetary transactions are run in a sound manner and in respect of existing EU rules and procedures (including procurement) • Verifying and validating in his/her capacity as delegated Authorising Officer, the financial and budgetary aspects of processes and projects carried out under his/her responsibility • Facilitating the implementation and supervision of the Internal Control Standards and contributing to the auditing activities, in co-operation with the Internal Controller of the Authority IT • Supervising the budgeting, planning and implementation of ESMA’s IT projects with the aim of providing state of the art tools and services, while promoting a service oriented and client focused approach • Ensuring the design and maintenance of the internal IT networks and services Human Resources • Building and growing a culture of co-operative performance, while ensuring compliance with EU rules and regulations as well as ethical behaviours; • Coordinating the establishment of the staffing plan of the Authority • Supervising the design and implementation of the HR policies and strategy and other related staff activities, with the goal to attract, develop and retain talent. Corporate Services • Ensuring overall safety and security, including physical security, of ESMA’s offices in Paris, including supporting the implementation of health measures where needed. • Supporting the effective and efficient day to day activities of the organisation • Supervising the smooth running of the facility management operations of the Authority, including document management and business trip management
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