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Financial Assistant

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18/02/2019 - 10:00
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14/03/2019 - 23:59
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Contract staff
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OVERALL PURPOSE The Financial Assistant will report directly to the Head of Finance and Administration of the BBI JU and will provide support and assistance to the BBI JU in the execution of financial transactions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Financial Assistant’s duties will include: Financial support (initiation and/or verification) • Financial initiation/and or verification of financial transactions including commitments, de-commitments, payments, recovery orders, guarantees and credit operations in ABAC; • Collect, register, check and process all documentation required to support the commitments, de-commitments, payment requests, recovery orders and credit operations; • Follow-up of the financial implementation of commitments, preparation of de-commitments and ensuring timely closure of administrative commitments. Support in the framework of the Calls for proposals: • Perform financial initiation and verification of grant agreements, payments and recoveries in the dedicated IT tools namely ABAC and COMPASS/SYGMA; • Assist with the analysis of the financial viability of beneficiaries; • Assist Project Officers in all financial related tasks; • Follow up the financial implementation of grants (prepare payments and recovery orders, ensuring that they are financially and procedurally correct and in conformity with the contract and the regulations); • Liaise with contactors and beneficiaries on all financial issues; • Assist with the follow-up of financial aspects of grants under H2020 in the dedicated IT tools such as COMPASS, SYGMA, PDM. Management of financial information: • Support in the preparation and planning of the annual budget, as well as monitoring and reporting on its implementation; • Assist in the development and implementation of financial procedures (in particular procurement procedures) and the elaboration and updating of model documents; • Provide advice and support on financial practices in line with EU and BBI JU budgetary, financial and contractual rules; • Register all incoming mails/invoices for BBI JU as well as outgoing mail from the Finance & Administration unit; • File financial documents, correspondence and returned files and requests for clarification, according to the BBI JU filing/document policy rules; • Open/register/filter incoming mail related to financial issues and route mail to appropriate individuals/units; • Ensure quality/coherence of financial and contractual data in/between different databases. Support in the framework of audit management: • Provide assistance for "on the spot" control and audit missions; • Follow up queries on audited files; • Assist in the collection of the necessary information for audit and control by the European Commission services or the European Court of Auditors; • Undertake additional tasks as required in the interests of the service.
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