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Cybersecurity Officer

Application Open Date: 
20/07/2021 - 02:01
Deadline Date: 
23/08/2021 - 15:00
Athens, Greece
Type of Contract: 
Contract staff
JOB Description: 
With this call, ENISA seeks to recruit two Cybersecurity Officers (CA FGIV). The place of employment for this vacancy is Athens, Greece. The Jobholders will be responsible for the following tasks: Key responsibilities pertaining to Policy Development and Implementation Unit (PDI): - Assist in reviewing Union policy and law on current policy areas of the Agency (e.g. NIS Directive, eIDAS, EECC, 5G, GDPR, Once Only), as well as emerging ones (e.g. NIS Directive 2.0, AI Regulation, eIDs and Digital Wallets, DORA). - Contribute to ENISA’s efforts in building up a framework for supporting evidence based policy making in the policy areas mentioned above. - Contribute to a team that assists Member States and their competent authorities to develop and implement Union policy and law in a consistently, transparent and effective manner. - Contribute to a team that supports formally established EU Expert Groups and bodies (such as the Cooperation Group, Cooperation Network) by providing its expertise and assistance; administer communities of stakeholders and international relations in the designated competence areas. - Performing other duties as instructed by the management, according to the needs and priorities of ENISA. Key responsibilities pertaining to Market, Certification and Standardisation Unit (MCS): - Assist to the design, deployment and maintenance of EU cybersecurity certification schemes and the EU cybersecurity certification framework. - Support with compiling and publishing guidelines and develop good practices, concerning the cybersecurity requirements for ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes, in cooperation with national cybersecurity certification authorities and industry in a formal, structured and transparent way. - Assist in the area of cybersecurity market as a horizontal area of interest focusing on market segments, supply and demand etc. ENISA produces reports, analyses and recommendations thereto. - Assist to the establishment and take-up of European and international standards for risk management and for the security of ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes. - Assist in the promulgation of draft candidate cybersecurity certification schemes by analysing requirements for security measures and controls in the relevant policy areas including, cloud services, common criteria, Trust services, personal data and privacy, internet of things, artificial intelligence, risk management and assessment etc. in line with the Union Rolling Work Program and certification requests. - Performing other duties as instructed by the management, according to the needs and priorities of ENISA. For more information related to the tasks, eligibility requirements, selection criteria, etc. we invite you to read carefully the vacancy notice. Please send us your applications by no later than 23/08/2021 at 16:00 CET.
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