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CDT AD8 2021 02 Head of Facilities and security section

Application Open Date: 
09/07/2021 - 00:00
Deadline Date: 
06/08/2021 - 23:59
Type of Contract: 
Temporary staff
JOB Description: 
Reporting directly to the Head of the Administration department, the selected candidate will be responsible for performing the following tasks: 1. Management of the section: prepare the work programme and the activity report for the team; identify and set the team’s objectives within an annual work programme; take the necessary steps to ensure a good working climate within the team so that it is motivated to achieve the expected results; organize and distribute the work among agents for the execution of tasks, exercise leadership to create and sustain motivation, provide a supervision that maximizes the existing potential; establish the training needs and collaborate in the evaluation of the team members in order to have an efficient organization and competent, satisfied and efficient staff for the execution of the tasks of the section. 2. Management of projects and procedures in the domain of logistics and security: ensure the implementation of activities related to logistics and security, in accordance with the principles established for the management of projects and procedure. Business continuity: Ensure the coordination of the business continuity plan of the Centre. Advise management in the implementation of the continuity plan. Security management: ensure the role of "security officer", ensure the market prospection in the field of security, monitor the technological developments and make the necessary improvements to ensure a level at least equal to the market standard. Advise management in the field. Management of EMAS model: analyse the needs, identify and involve the stakeholders in sustainable development. Management of internal projects: analyse the needs, identify and involve the stakeholders; draft the technical specifications, ensure the implementation, the follow-up and the coordination of the materials, the supplies and the services in to provide to the staff of the Centre with efficient resources. 3. Analysis and advice: advise and give guidance to the Director, heads of departments and heads of sections with regards to logistics and security policy. 4. Budgetary management: forecast, estimate, prepare and monitor the budget related to the logistics and security expenses in order to define the future needs of the Centre and to respect the limits of budget execution and in line with the principle of sound financial management. 5. Internal communication on logistics and security matters: Provide the staff and the management with clear information on subjects related to logistics and security, particularly through intranet or ad hoc meetings, in order to communicate to these the novelties in this field, the progress and the results of the activities of the section. 6. Interinstitutional relations: Attend external meetings or conferences in order to represent the Centre in the interinstitutional activities related to logistics and security and take part in exchanges of information to help rationalise resources, harmonise methods and in order to benefit from the experience acquired by other organisations or departments; assist the head of department in responding to specific requests from the Court of Auditors, the European Parliament or the internal auditor.
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