EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Titlesort descending Grade Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadline Status
GSMC Operations Analyst AD5 GSA Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France 09/03/20 02/04/20 Open
Head of Administration Department AD12 F4E JU Barcelona 02/03/20 30/03/20 Open
Head of Department Digital Services and Simplification AD12 EMSA Lisbon 17/03/20 21/04/20 Open
Head of Digital Change Workstream AD8 EMA Amsterdam, The Netherlands 25/03/20 24/04/20 Open
Head of Programme AD11 BBI JU BRUXELLES 12/02/20 17/04/20 Open
Head of Sector: Human Resources AD7 ELA Bratislava 19/03/20 08/04/20 Open
Head of Telematics and Governance and Strategy Office AD8 EMA Amsterdam, The Netherlands 20/03/20 14/04/20 Open
Head of Unit: Resources AD10 ELA Bratislava 19/03/20 08/04/20 Open
Human Resources Officer AD5 GSA Prague 09/03/20 02/04/20 Open
ICT Security Team Leader AD6 GSA Prague 14/02/20 31/03/20 Open
ICT Trainer AD5 AD5 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 10/03/20 06/04/20 Open
Information Technology Officer Product Management AD5 eu-LISA Strasbourg, France 03/03/20 01/04/20 Open
IT Specialist Systems Engineer AST4 AST4 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 28/02/20 20/04/20 Open
Legal and Procurement Department Traineeship GSA Prague 04/10/19 30/06/20 Open
Market Development Department Traineeship GSA Prague/ Czech Republic 13/03/20 30/06/20 Open
Network Security Administrator AST4 AST4 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 28/02/20 20/04/20 Open
Open Call for Trainees ACER Ljubljana, Slovenia 02/05/19 02/05/22 Open
Open call: SECONDED NATIONAL EXPERTS GSA Prague, Czech Republic 25/06/19 25/06/21 Open
Policy Officer Adequacy AD7 ACER 12/03/20 30/04/20 Open
Project Officer AD6 FCH JU Brussels 12/03/20 02/04/20 Open
Scientific agent FG III EMCDDA Lisbon 28/02/20 28/03/20 Open
Seconded National Expert FCH JU Brussels 29/10/19 31/12/24 Open
Seconded National Expert: Communications EIT Budapest 05/03/20 02/04/20 Open
Secretary AST SC1 SRB Brussels 06/03/20 07/04/20 Open
Security Assistant AST3 EPPO Luxemburg 13/03/20 27/04/20 Open