EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s) Open Datesort descending Deadline Status
Supervision Officer Securitisation Profile AD5 ESMA Paris, France 13/04/19 13/05/19 Open
Scientific Officer Human Health/Environment AD6 ECHA Helsinki (Finland) 15/04/19 06/05/19 Open
Scientific Officer Microbiologist or Biochemist AD6 ECHA Helsinki (Finland) 15/04/19 06/05/19 Open
Systems Engineer FG IV F4E Barcelona? Spain 16/04/19 17/05/19 Open
Legal Officer–Cybersecurity Certification AD6 ENISA Greece 16/04/19 15/05/19 Open
Technical ICT Support Officer FG IV F4E Barcelona Spain 16/04/19 20/05/19 Open
Statistician and data analyst officers – Creation of a reserve list FG IV ETF 17/04/19 14/05/19 Open
Financial Assistant FG III IMI JU Brussels 17/04/19 19/05/19 Open
Maritime Support Services Duty Officer with IT background EMSA Lisbon (PT) 17/04/19 22/05/19 Open
Senior Finance Officer / AD8 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 23/04/19 29/04/19 Open
HEAD OF QUALITY ASSURANCE UNIT AD9 F4E Barcelona 23/04/19 23/05/19 Open