EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadline Status
Talent Development Officer / Science and Corporate AD6 EFSA Parma, Italy 06/10/20 09/11/20 Open
IT Operator Database Administrator AST4 EPPO Luxembourg 08/10/20 09/11/20 Open
Project Manager EUCI CIS FG IV EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 07/10/20 10/11/20 Open
Project Officer and Programme Manager Cyber Defence AD11 EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 07/10/20 10/11/20 Open
HUMAN RESOURCES ASSISTANT AST3 AST5 CdT luxembourg 12/10/20 11/11/20 Open
Training Assistant / eLearning AST4 CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 13/10/20 15/11/20 Open
Training Officer FG IV CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 16/10/20 15/11/20 Open
Security Officer in the area of Policy and Coordination eu-LISA Tallinn, Estonia 19/10/20 18/11/20 Open
Finance Assistant AST3 EBA Paris, France 20/10/20 19/11/20 Open
IT Data Protection Assistant eu-LISA Strasbourg, France 29/09/20 20/11/20 Open
Project Officer Emerging Land Technologies AD10 EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 07/10/20 15/01/21 Open
Traineeships with Administrative profiles EBA Paris, France 08/05/20 07/05/21 Open
Open call: SECONDED NATIONAL EXPERTS GSA Prague, Czech Republic 25/06/19 25/06/21 Open
Seconded National Experts SNEs ENISA Athens, Greece 06/05/20 30/04/22 Open
Open Call for Trainees ACER Ljubljana, Slovenia 02/05/19 02/05/22 Open