EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadlinesort descending Status
Grant Assurance Officer FG IV EIT Budapest 16/09/19 17/10/19 Open
Analysts – Risk Analysis Unit AD6 FRONTEX Warsaw- Poland 17/09/19 17/10/19 Open
Analysts – Risk Analysis Unit Interagency AD5 to AD6 AD6 FRONTEX Warsaw POLAND 17/09/19 17/10/19 Open
Head of Human Resources Unit AD10 EBA Paris, France 20/09/19 19/10/19 Open
Economist AD6 ECHA Helsinki, Finland 27/09/19 21/10/19 Open
Internal Control and Compliance Officer AD7 EIGE Vilnius 08/10/19 22/10/19 Open
Facilities Manager AD6 EMA Amsterdam 03/10/19 22/10/19 Open
Research Officer AD5 EUROFOUND Dublin, Ireland 27/09/19 24/10/19 Open
Head of Quality Assurance Unit AD9 F4E JU Barcelona 26/09/19 24/10/19 Open
Seconded National Expert to the European Judicial Network EUROJUST The Hague, The Netherlands 23/09/19 24/10/19 Open
Project Assistant Energy [CORRIGENDUM] FG III EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 23/09/19 25/10/19 Open
SNE general call for candidates ENDX EIOPA Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 20/09/19 27/10/19 Open
Training Officer AST4 CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 24/09/19 28/10/19 Open
Management Support Officer AD5 ECHA Helsinki, Finland 01/10/19 28/10/19 Open
Expert Human Resources AST5 to AST8 AST8 EEA Copenhagen 27/09/19 28/10/19 Open
Senior Procurement Officer – Construction / Real Estate Expert AD8 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 25/09/19 28/10/19 Open
Head of IT Unit [CORRIGENDUM] AD11 EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 23/09/19 28/10/19 Open
National Desk Assistant French Desk AST2 EUROJUST The Hague, Netherlands 27/09/19 28/10/19 Open
Senior Program Officer AD10 EUROHPC-JU Luxembourg 01/10/19 30/10/19 Open
Executive Secretary FG II EUROHPC-JU Luxembourg 01/10/19 30/10/19 Open
Legal Officer/HR Officer FG IV EUROHPC-JU Luxemburg 01/10/19 30/10/19 Open
Seconded National Expert Gender Mainstreaming EIGE Vilnius 04/09/19 01/11/19 Open
Executive Director AD14 EBA Paris, France 03/10/19 02/11/19 Open
Planning and Risk Management Officer AD6 EIOPA Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 11/10/19 03/11/19 Open
Product Management Support Officer FG IV ECHA Helsinki, Finland 03/10/19 04/11/19 Open