EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agencysort descending Location(s) Open Date Deadline Status
Open Call for Trainees ACER Ljubljana, Slovenia 02/05/19 02/05/22 Open
LEGAL OFFICER FG IV ACER Ljubljana 24/06/20 10/08/20 Open
E Learning Senior Project Officer / to establish a reserve list FG IV CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 15/07/20 20/08/20 Open
Legally Qualified Member of the Board of Appeal AD10 ECHA Helsinki, Finland 22/06/20 14/08/20 Open
Head of Sector ICT AD8 EFCA Vigo, Spain 03/08/20 09/09/20 Open
Data Scientist AD8 EFSA Parma, Italy 30/07/20 15/09/20 Open
Regulatory Science Coordinator FG IV EFSA Parma 14/07/20 02/09/20 Open
Service Manager FG IV EFSA Parma 22/06/20 24/08/20 Open
Junior Scientific Officer Molecular Biology FG IV EFSA Parma, Italy 14/07/20 31/08/20 Open
Paralegal Technical Assistant AST4 EFSA Parma, Italy 22/07/20 07/09/20 Open
Administrative Agent Translations Publications Events FG III EIGE Vilnius 31/07/20 17/08/20 Open
Seconded National Experts ENDX EIOPA Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 10/07/20 17/08/20 Open
Chairperson AD15 EIOPA Frankfurt am Main, Germany 15/07/20 31/08/20 Open
Seconded National Experts SNEs ENISA Athens, Greece 06/05/20 30/04/22 Open
Head of Unit Executive Director Office AD9 ENISA Athens, Greece 06/08/20 07/09/20 Open
Head of Unit Corporate Support Services AD9 ENISA Athens, Greece 06/08/20 07/09/20 Open
Head of Unit Operational Cooperation AD9 ENISA Athens, Greece 06/08/20 07/09/20 Open
Head of Unit Finance and Procurement AD9 ERA Valenciennes, France 27/07/20 08/09/20 Open
ESMA CHAIR AD15 ESMA Paris, France 21/07/20 02/09/20 Open
RIS Team Leaders AD8 ESMA Paris, France 24/07/20 14/09/20 Open
Quality Assurance Officer AD7 F4E JU Barcelona 22/07/20 04/09/20 Open
Senior Electromechanical and HVAC Engineer AD8 F4E JU Cadarache 30/07/20 11/09/20 Open
Head of Finance and Budget Unit AD12 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 08/07/20 10/09/20 Open
Senior Liaison Officer to Eastern Partnership countries AD8 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 09/07/20 10/08/20 Open
Senior Policy Officer AD8 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 29/06/20 10/08/20 Open