EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadlinesort ascending Status
Seconded National Expert EIOPA Frankfurt am Main 16/12/22 31/12/29 Open
Call for Scientific Experts EFSA Remote 25/10/22 25/10/26 Open
Call for Scientific Experts EFSA Remote 05/05/21 05/05/25 Open
CA FGIV in HR FG IV FRONTEX WARSAW 31/03/23 31/01/24 Open
Seconded National Experts SNEs ERA Valenciennes (FRANCE) 28/10/21 01/01/24 Open
Seconded National Experts: Multiple Profiles ESMA Paris 26/08/22 31/12/23 Open
SECONDED NATIONAL EXPERTS – OPERATIONAL COOPERATION ENISA Athens, Greece or Brussels, Belgium 07/04/23 31/12/23 Open
Research Programme Agents in Physical Sciences and Engineering AD6 ERCEA Brussels 25/05/23 05/07/23 Open
Seconded National Expert CLEAN HYDROGEN JU Brussels 25/04/23 30/06/23 Open
Administrative Assistant FG III EASA Cologne, Germany 30/05/23 30/06/23 Open
Project Officer Coordinated Annual Review on Defence EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 31/03/23 29/06/23 Open
Project Officer SES Policy EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 21/04/23 29/06/23 Open
Director AD14 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 26/05/23 26/06/23 Open
Senior Specialist Head of Team Weapons and Explosives AD7 EUROPOL 26/05/23 24/06/23 Open
Operational Analyst Operations Directorate AD6 EUROPOL The Hague 26/05/23 23/06/23 Open
Heads of Sectors in Human Resources Unit AD10 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 25/05/23 22/06/23 Open
Administrative Agent Finance FG III EIGE Vilnius 23/05/23 22/06/23 Open
ICT Officer / Local Information Security Officer FG IV ECCC Bucharest, Romania 31/05/23 21/06/23 Open
Administrative Assistant FG III EDPS Brussels 31/05/23 21/06/23 Open
Director of Governance Support Centre AD12 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 23/05/23 20/06/23 Open
Management Senior Assistant FG III EIOPA Frankfurt am Main 26/05/23 19/06/23 Open
Planning and Reporting Officer AD5 EUROJUST The Hague, The Netherlands 26/05/23 19/06/23 Open
Senior ICT Officer FG IV FG IV EU-OSHA Bilbao, (ES) 26/05/23 16/06/23 Open
Financial/Administrative Assistant AST3 ERA Valenciennes, North of France 17/05/23 15/06/23 Open
Financial/Administrative Assistant ERA Valenciennes, North of France 17/05/23 15/06/23 Open