EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadlinesort descending Status
SNE Advanced therapy medicinal products ATMPs EMA Amsterdam 04/10/21 24/10/21 Open
Head of Cooperation and National Liaison Officers NLOs Office AD9 ELA Bratislava 16/09/21 25/10/21 Open
Expert Microbial Safety of Substances of Human Origin AD5 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 16/09/21 25/10/21 Open
Corporate Support Assistant FG III EBA Paris, France 27/09/21 26/10/21 Open
Human Resources Specialist FG III ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 29/09/21 26/10/21 Open
Marketing and Customer Service Specialist AD6 EUIPO Alicante 05/10/21 26/10/21 Open
IT Contract and Project Manager FG IV EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 10/09/21 26/10/21 Open
Finance and Accounting Assistant FG III IMI JU Brussels 20/09/21 26/10/21 Open
Seconded National Expert/Rheumatology EMA Amsterdam 13/10/21 28/10/21 Open
SNE / Rheumatology EMA Amsterdam 13/10/21 28/10/21 Open
AML CFT Expert AD5 EBA Paris, France 30/09/21 29/10/21 Open
Seconded National Expert BEREC Office Riga, Latvia 19/07/21 31/10/21 Open
Head of Department Therapeutic Areas AD10 EMA 13/10/21 02/11/21 Open
Learning Management System Administrator AST4 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 29/09/21 03/11/21 Open
Internal Audit Officer INTER AGENCY EXTENDED UNTIL 9 NOVEMBER 2021 AD7 EPPO Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG 24/09/21 09/11/21 Open
Scientific Officer – Animal Nutrition and Production FG IV EFSA Parma, Italy 06/10/21 09/11/21 Open
Internal Audit Officer EXTENDED UNTIL 9 NOVEMBER 2021 AD7 EPPO Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG 24/09/21 09/11/21 Open
Lead Developer AD6 EBA Paris, France 11/10/21 10/11/21 Open
Call for Expression of Interest – contract staff FG II/FG III/FG IV FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 01/10/21 10/11/21 Open
HRM Officer Talent Management AD6 ACER Ljubljana, Slovenia 18/10/21 12/11/21 Open
Project Support Officer AD5 CdT Luxembourg 14/10/21 12/11/21 Open
Data Manager/ Analyst FG IV ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 14/10/21 15/11/21 Open
Scientific Project Officer AD5 IMI JU Brussels 14/10/21 15/11/21 Open
Fundamental Rights Monitor – intermediate level AD5 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 15/10/21 16/11/21 Open
Project Officer for Maritime Surveillance Services Reporting and user uptake FG IV EMSA Lisbon 19/10/21 16/11/21 Open