EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Titlesort descending Grade Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadline Status
Assistant in Operational Departments AST2 CEDEFOP Cedefop Thessaloniki Greece 06/05/21 03/06/21 Open
Budget Officer AD8 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 28/04/21 31/05/21 Open
Communication Officer AD6 EFSA Parma, Italy 21/04/21 27/05/21 Open
Coordinating Officer AD6 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 23/04/21 21/05/21 Open
Data Service Provision Officer AD6 GSA Torrejón de Ardoz / Spain 03/05/21 27/05/21 Open
Deputy Head of Unit Financial Services AD10 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 23/04/21 25/05/21 Open
Engineering Officer at the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre AD6 GSA Saint-Germain-en-Laye / France 21/04/21 18/05/21 Open
EXTENDED Senior Capability Building Officer Research and Development AD7 eu-LISA Tallinn, Estonia 24/03/21 17/05/21 Open
Head of Unit Knowledge Management and Communications AD10 EIGE Vilnius 06/05/21 03/06/21 Open
Head of Unit Human Capital AD10 EFSA Parma, Italy 13/04/21 17/05/21 Open
Head of Unit Finance and Administration AD11 FCH JU Brussels 07/05/21 13/06/21 Open
HR Specialist AD6 EMA 26/04/21 17/05/21 Open
ICT Assistant AST3 CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 11/05/21 13/06/21 Open
ICT Assistant AST3 ELA Bratislava 28/04/21 26/05/21 Open
ICT OFFICER – BUSINESS ANALYST AD6 F4E JU Barcelona 29/04/21 31/05/21 Open
IP Specialist M/F AD6 EUIPO Alicante 28/04/21 19/05/21 Open
Legal Assistant AST3 SRB Brussels 15/04/21 18/05/21 Open
Legal Officer AD6 ERA Valenciennes (France) 10/05/21 09/06/21 Open
Legal Officer ERA Valenciennes (France) 10/05/21 09/06/21 Open
Operational Assistant AST3 ELA Bratislava 28/04/21 26/05/21 Open
Performance Engineer at the Galileo Reference Centre AD7 GSA Noordwijk / Netherlands 26/04/21 25/05/21 Open
Policy Expert AD6 EBA Paris, France 15/04/21 28/05/21 Open
Product Assurance and RAMS Officer AD6 GSA Prague 07/05/21 03/06/21 Open
Project Control Officer AD5 GSA Prague 22/04/21 20/05/21 Open