EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s) Open Datesort descending Deadline Status
Procurement Coordination Officer AD8 EIT Budapest 05/08/21 27/09/21 Open
Head of the Corporate Communications Unit AD9 EUROJUST The Hague, The Netherlands 05/08/21 11/10/21 Open
Heads of Group AD7 EEA Copenhagen 10/08/21 23/09/21 Open
Safety Assessment Expert AD5 EASA Cologne, DE 27/08/21 02/10/21 Open
Flight Test Engineer Fixed Wing AD7 EASA Cologne, DE 27/08/21 02/10/21 Open
Powerplant Expert / PCM Propulsion AD5 EASA Cologne, DE 27/08/21 02/10/21 Open
Security Expert AD7 EBA Paris, France 27/08/21 27/09/21 Open
Senior Experts on Oversight AD7 EIOPA Frankfurt am Main, Germany 03/09/21 27/09/21 Open
Team Leader / Project Officer AD9 CLEAN SKY JU Brussels 06/09/21 30/09/21 Open
Economist AD6 ECHA Helsinki, Finland 07/09/21 04/10/21 Open
Talent Acquisition Specialist AD6 EUIPO Alicante 08/09/21 29/09/21 Open
Expert EU institutional relations AD8 EEA Brussels 10/09/21 20/10/21 Open
Cybersecurity Expert AD6 ENISA Athens, Greece and Brussels, Belgium. 13/09/21 11/10/21 Open
Expert Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare associated Infections AD5 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 14/09/21 14/10/21 Open
Legal Assistant AST3 FCH JU Brussels 15/09/21 15/10/21 Open
Security Officer Secretary to the EUROSUR Security Accreditation Board AD9 FRONTEX Warsaw 15/09/21 18/10/21 Open
Expert Microbial Safety of Substances of Human Origin AD5 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 16/09/21 25/10/21 Open
Head of Cooperation and National Liaison Officers NLOs Office AD9 ELA Bratislava 16/09/21 15/10/21 Open
INTERNAL AUDITOR AD6 SRB Brussels 16/09/21 18/10/21 Open
Senior Expert on Internal Models AD7 EIOPA Frankfurt am Main, Germany 17/09/21 11/10/21 Open
Regulatory Officer AD5 ECHA Helsinki, Finland 20/09/21 18/10/21 Open