EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Grade Agency Location(s)sort descending Open Date Deadline Status
Project Adviser / Scientific Officer in Ecology and/or Evolutionary Biology FG IV ERCEA Brussels 25/02/23 25/04/23 Open
Public Affairs Officer FG IV EIT Brussels 23/03/23 24/04/23 Open
Secretary AST-SC1 SRB Brussels 08/03/23 12/04/23 Open
Project Officer Maritime Programmes EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 25/01/23 25/04/23 Open
Project Officer Counter IED EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 25/01/23 25/04/23 Open
Project Officer Medical EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 28/02/23 31/05/23 Open
Project Officer Test and Evaluation EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 28/02/23 27/04/23 Open
Financial Officer FG IV EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 06/03/23 03/04/23 Open
Finance Officer FG IV EIT Budapest 17/03/23 13/04/23 Open
Innovation Officer AD8 EIT Budapest 06/03/23 14/04/23 Open
Programme Officer AD6 CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 13/03/23 16/04/23 Open
Traineeship CEPOL Budapest, Hungary 17/03/23 10/04/23 Open
Human Resources Officer AST1 EEA Copenhagen 24/11/22 13/04/23 Open
Expert European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change AD6 EEA Copenhagen 10/02/23 27/03/23 Open
Head of Group Information Systems and ICT AD7 EEA Copenhagen 01/03/23 12/04/23 Open
Assistant FG III EEA Copenhagen 28/02/23 03/04/23 Open
Expert Climate neutrality and agriculture AD7 EEA Copenhagen 07/03/23 11/04/23 Open
Eurofound Traineeships Programme 2023 EUROFOUND Dublin, Ireland (with 1 possibility in Brussels) 14/03/23 17/04/23 Open
Seconded National Expert EIOPA Frankfurt am Main 16/12/22 31/12/29 Open
Data Manager AD6 ECHA Helsinki 09/03/23 03/04/23 Open
Information Systems Assistant AST4 ACER Ljubljana, Slovenia 09/03/23 14/04/23 Open
Helpdesk Assistant AST3 EPPO LUXEMBOURG 15/03/23 10/04/23 Open
INTER AGENCY Heldesk Assistant AST3 EPPO LUXEMBOURG 15/03/23 10/04/23 Open
Linguistic Services Processing Assistant AST3 CdT Luxembourg 10/03/23 07/04/23 Open
Service Desk Assistant AST4 CdT Luxembourg 08/03/23 05/04/23 Open