EU Agencies Network

Job Offers

Title Gradesort descending Agency Location(s) Open Date Deadline Status
Call for Scientific Experts EFSA Remote 05/05/21 05/05/25 Open
Seconded National Experts SNEs ERA Valenciennes (FRANCE) 28/10/21 01/01/24 Open
Project Officer Coordinated Annual Review on Defence EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 26/03/22 31/05/22 Open
Traineeship European Labour Authority ELA Bratislava 27/04/22 23/05/22 Open
Seconded National Experts EIOPA Frankfurt am Main, Germany 08/04/22 20/05/22 Open
Project Officer CBRN and Human Factors EDA Brussels (BELGIUM) 13/04/22 13/06/22 Open
SNE Expert Consumer Protection EBA Paris, France 04/05/22 03/06/22 Open
Legal Officer EBA Paris, France 19/04/22 18/05/22 Open
Seconded National Expert: Monitoring Officer EIT Budapest 22/04/22 24/05/22 Open
HR Legal Expert AD6 SRB Brussels, Belgium 11/05/22 13/06/22 Open
Communications Officer AD6 EIT Budapest 26/04/22 25/05/22 Open
Project Product / Software Assurance and RAMS Officer AD6 EUSPA Prague 07/04/22 20/05/22 Open
Researcher Gender Mainstreaming AD6 EIGE Vilnius 20/04/22 20/05/22 Open
Human Capital Development Expert AD7 ETF 29/03/22 19/05/22 Open
Ground System Service Provision Engineer AD7 EUSPA Prague 04/05/22 31/05/22 Open
Secured Communications Engineer AD7 EUSPA Prague 06/05/22 02/06/22 Open
Principal Expert Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control AD8 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 28/04/22 30/05/22 Open
Project Officer in the Railway Systems Department AD8 ERA Valenciennes, North of France 27/04/22 27/05/22 Open
Principal Expert Digital Surveillance AD8 ECDC Stockholm, Sweden 13/04/22 16/05/22 Open
Galileo System Evolution Manager AD9 EUSPA Prague 04/05/22 31/05/22 Open
Fundamental Rights Monitor /basic level/ AST4 FRONTEX Warsaw, Poland 25/04/22 25/05/22 Open
Financial Assistant FG III EUROJUST The Hague, The Netherlands 25/04/22 23/05/22 Open
National Desk Assistant FG III EUROJUST The Hague, The Netherlands 03/05/22 24/05/22 Open
Service Desk Assistant FG III CdT Luxembourg 06/05/22 04/06/22 Open